Social Media and Branding for You and Your Client



      As discussed in “Why Get a LinkedIn Profile,” the development of the web made the job searching easier and faster than ever. Through the use of social media, brands become more visible to their target customers and are able to interact with them on a more personal level (U.S. Patent No. 705/14.72, 2014). Social media provides us a platform to broadcast our intended message to attain certain goals. Every company, whether local or global, now relies on social media as a core component in business expansion.



      In order to successfully brand your client, you must first know how to brand yourself. A good way to start this personal branding is to discover the characteristics that make you authentic. According to Dutta’s “What’s your personal social media strategy? (2010),” your social media strategy’s success depends on the quality and authenticity of your message (p.128). Remaining authentic and passionate of what you do will make you stand out from the crowd. But also keep in mind that when something is posted online, that online footprint will be nearly impossible to delete. Personally, I keep my Facebook and Twitter profile professional. I don’t put status and comments with vulgar words and rude tone. The settings of social networks can be customized so control what your friends can post on your profile and be careful about certain social situations.



     Once your personal brand is built, you can start building a brand for your client. There are several social media branding tips that must be followed to ensure that a business grows successfully online. Among these tips is to be consistent in all aspect, by doing this, memorability is built. If using different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, use the same username and upload the same profile information. Add social media activities in your to-do list because being active is the only way the business can earn stronger relationships with your clients. Dutta (2010) added that this also aids the business to get feedback from their audience and find room for improvements (p.127). Every post counts and the choice of words have a big impact so proofread before uploading. As a Facebook user, I frequently notice businesses blooming with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. One example of a fun marketing activity to get more clients and promote services is to give out prizes. This kind of energy present in their posts entices audiences like me to get involved in the industry.


Elimeliah, C. A., and J. C. Cruz-Smith (2014). U.S. Patent No. 705/14.72. Social Media Branding. Rapp Worldwide Inc, assignee. Patent US.
Dutta, S. (2010). What’s your personal social media strategy?. Harvard Business Review, 88(11), 127-130.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Branding for You and Your Client

  1. I really enjoy your images and graphs. It still seems to be a little short as of now. I would like to see some examples of which sites you would use to brand yourself. Twitter, Instagram, Google, Facebook? Which one would you consider be the most serious and effective way to do it? Would you choose a way over another despite one might reach more people, like Google instead of Facebook, and what reasons would there be for you to consider that choice?


  2. Jean, thank you for sharing your thoughts on social media and branding. It is interesting for you to point out that in order to brand a client, one must have a good brand him or herself. I find it very true because no employers would hire a person if this person’s branding makes a negative impression. You did a great job highlighting some methods that work for branding clients, however, I would like to see some of the effective methods to create a successful social media branding profile for ourselves.


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